"The Workout at Home Fitness Plan has by far been the best and most effective plan I’ve ever used. The support you get from Bernie and his ambassadors is phenomenal and an instrumental part in helping to stay motivated and achieving fantastic results. I’ve learnt so much about good nutrition, exercise and balancing the two. I’m very happy with my results so far and looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with a great PT and motivator."



"I called Bernie in June after seeing so many of his clients get incredible results. He told me straight from the start what this would involve but made me feel like I could achieve anything. I have now lost nearly 6 stone this year. After so many fad diets, this is one I have been able to stick to. This is 100% due to Bernie and our BJF team.


This team is like no other with “us girls” supporting each other through the tough days. When I started this plan, my main focus was physical appearance and weight loss. I have gained so much more than this. My skin is the best it has ever been, I have so much energy and my mental health is the best it has been in a long time."



"I cannot express how much the BJF plan has turned my life around for the better both physically and mentally. I am in the best place I have ever been and its all thanks to the plan and all the support that comes with it. Bernie and his incredible team of ambassadors go above and beyond for each and every person on the plan and that alone is invaluable. Here's to hitting more goals in 2021!"



"I was not happy with my body after 2 pregnancies and desperately needed time for myself to deal with my mental health. Meeting Bernie and joining his programme had an immense positive imact on how I look and feel about myself now. My confidence has heightened and I no longer deal with depression symptoms.


So many amazing classes to choose from, it never gets boring. You get all the support in the world from him and the ambassadors! I managed to loose 2 stone in only 19 weeks! Couldn't have done it by myself. I have so much more energy to run after my little ones. I'd say joining this programme has been one of the best decisions I've ever made!"



"Before joining Bernie Junior Fitness, I hated my body to the point I struggled to even look in the mirror. I wore clothes that were extra big to cover my body. I had tried several other ways of losing weight but nothing worked, so I decided to join Bernie Junior Fitness. Since joining in October, I am shocked how much my body shape has changed.

I now love the way I look. Not only has my physical fitness changed but also my mental well-being has improved which now, more than ever, is essential. I can not thank Bernie and the girls enough for their continuous support and making me feel welcomed into the team where we push each other to reach our goals. I would not be where I am now if it was not for all of you! The best fitness plan ever."



"I can easily say Bernie has changed my life, this program is the best thing to have come from 2020. His approach has changed not only my appearance, but also my outlook on life. The man is a genius and I am so grateful to have found him. The support he gives is second to none and I will be forever thankful for everything he does for me and the entire BJF team 🤙🏼."



“I joined Bernie Junior Fitness back in July because I had gotten to a point where I felt uncomfortable and swollen. I hated finding things to wear for nights out and my self-esteem and confidence was at its lowest. I had tried various diets but I was continuously failing and there was no way I could even contemplate joining a gym with such a busy home life.


Joining this plan has changed my life. It has changed my outlook on eating and excising, and has massively helped me emotionally. I will forever be grateful to Bernie for helping me be the best version I can possibly be. Bernie not only is an amazing PT, he is very supportive and motivational. He is always there at the drop of a hat if you need him whether it be for advice, guidance or just a chat. I have lost 24lbs which has exceeded my initial target. Bring on 2021 for the next chapter of my body transformation. Thank you Bernie for everything - the BJF way is the only way 💪🏻"



"Training with Bernie has literally been a life saver! After years and years of trying fad diets and not losing weight i nearly gave up hope until i decided to get a PT and wow! Bernie instils so much motivation to keep going while pushing me to reach and achieve goals i didn’t think was possible. Would recommend to anyone without a single hesitation."



"I have been working with Bernie for 12 weeks now. I have lost 15lb and gone down 3 clothing sizes. Before I started with Bernie I wasn’t in the greatest place mentally and certainly wasn’t physically. Fast forward to now, I love my body again and I’m a happier person. I have changed my lifestyle for the better. I couldn’t thank Bernie enough for all he does. I highly recommend this programme to every one I meet."



"I have never felt more welcome and comfortable that I do when training with Bernie. He is so friendly, outgoing and never fails to make you laugh. From day 1, Bernie has been so supportive offering 24/7 support, he is always there if you have any questions, queries or even if you need just need a chat. Bernie sorted me out a healthy meal plan and helped me set goals that I managed to absolutely smash managing to get to my target weight. I am so happy with my progress and without Bernie I could of never achieve what I have and wouldn’t be where I am now. I can’t recommend him enough!"


“When I first spoke with Bernie, I was really focused on toning my body after my weight loss. He helped me identify the right areas of my body to focus and provided amazing classes and a personal training routine for me to do. We worked together on a 1-to-1 basis, three times a week which really helped me to reach my goals! I thank Bernie for getting me into the shape I am now and provided not only fitness guidance but also being there for any questions I ever had."



"I could not recommend anyone more than I can Bernie. Even with the current situation and no use of the gym, I have seen insane improvements. He has guided me with a tailored food plan and is always at the end of the phone should I have a day where I want to cave in. He is understanding and will never judge you. 

I was attending gym sessions with Bernie prior to lockdown but then continued with is #stayathome fitness plan which are excellent. It’s a group environment and we can all support each other, which is so important especially right now. Bernie is patient when you’re unsure of a certain workout and will pace you to succeed. I’ve lost over 2 stone and I am now starting to see definition in certain areas. I owe a lot to Bernie and wouldn't be where I am today without him!"